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Pete wasn’t that annoying in this episode, but in the previous one, he was an overbearing, sanctimonious punk who cared precious little about a patient’s wife’s feelings.The only ones still clinging to their redeeming values are Charlotte, who’s still in recovery mode, and Sheldon, who exhibited courage, ethics and loyalty in dealing with his mentor who’d had a psychotic break and desperately needed his help in this episode.

Sam seems largely uninterested in discussing the subject with her. He asked Addison’s former sister-in-law if Addison is crazy and he started to panic.

So Addison, to demonstrate her commitment to Sam even after he’s repeatedly dashed her hopes to motherhood, proposed marriage to him. Later, he urged Addison to “take back” her proposal, which she did, graciously so.

Episode by episode, there’s been this winnowing away of the humanity of the chief cast of characters to the point where we’ve seen so much of their selfish and ugly sides that, when taken collectively, they comprise one big group of unlikeables.

Other than Charlotte King, who has heroically dealt with her sexual assault, and Sheldon Wallace, who has always been a solid, stand-up guy, I am developing an aversion to the rest of them. He’s been dating Addison Montgomery for some time, after a long flirtation and many a sidelong, moony-eyed look.

February 4, 2011 at PM Yes, only I reached this level of dislike for the characters sooner.

At a certain point, Charlotte was the only one I still cared about, and it wasn’t enough to keep me watching. When Addison told Naomi that she proposed to Sam, Naomi unleashed all sorts of unsupportive nastiness, none of which Addison deserved.“I am done being polite about this,” Naomi said angrily. ” Then she made a smarmy remark about Addison taking other people’s men and being “tempted” to cheat with the doctor who flirted with her.With her relationship with Kevin on the rocks, Addison finds herself attracted to Wyatt.Violet looks for a way to have a relationship with both Pete and Sheldon.During the intervention, Amelia mercilessly attacks her friends one-by-one, and Addison, in particular, has trouble seeing her sister-in-law in her present condition.

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