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"I had to write to tell you how happy and I am with my order.Everything is so well done and the quality is better than I expected.There should be enough here to keep you busy reading until Christmas! Here is the Update Table of Contents: In 2015, after fulfilling all of STERA, Inc.'s formal requirements for accessing materials in our various collections, the Board of Directors voted to approve Giulio Fanti's request for access to three of the remaining tape samples from the Ray Rogers Collection.

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This new paper is also based (at least in part) on the samples STERA, Inc.

provided, but, as of this writing, has not yet been evaluated by the Board]. Bresee, Isabel Piczek, Ian Dickinson, Luigi Garlaschelli, Franco Ramaccini and Sergio Della Sala and many more.

It should be noted that Barrie does not have a vote on the Board of Directors so did not participate in the decision to grant Giulio access to the samples.

That decision was made solely by the Board of Directors.

The most recent update appears at the top of the page.

As you scroll down through the page, you can review the items that were added this year in chronological order.Each new edition will continue to be archived here on 12 months after publication so that the whole collection of articles going back nearly 50 years can be readily searched online.I know the first edition will include, among other things, the first published fruits of Ian Wilson's extended research into the de Charney family and the first expositions in Lirey.My boyfriend of 15 months doesn't know this yet, but I have been collecting things from our relationship; movie tickets, concert tickets, photos of places we have been together, etc.These are all going in the keepsake box along with the book, and I am going to give it to him at Christmas!This is another huge one and has literally taken until the very last minute to get it all completed!

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