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[tags: Business Analysis ] - The Department of Human Service (DHS) is a national or sub national umbrella agency that was set into place to provide public assistance in different cities and regions across America (U. The Transitional Living Program is offered to 10 children between the ages of 16-19.

This program provides teens with the tools, skills, knowledge and experience they will need to secure and maintain employment and housing; assume responsibility for their health and nutrition; contribute to their community; and form rewarding relationships....

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Social work is for people who want to help people, also because of all the clients you ended up having some of the client’s do not appreciate what you are doing for them and get violent start threaten you, or getting physical.

Some social workers have so much work that they even have to work weekends and night hour’s just to catch up with the work load....

[tags: Career Essays] - Health and Human Services Social Work is growing now a day due because of poverty, which is why there is a big demand for social workers.

It is a very dedicated job and stressful at the same time.

Basic to specific qualifications, job responsibilities, and hiring outlook will be included to detail each career option.

Careers in Human Services Career options in the human services field are many and widely vary not only in education requirement, job duties and salary, but also in the populations that are provided with services....

However, within the realm of human services, politics are especially salient and have the ability to impact not only our nation at large, but millions of individual lives as well.

In the United States, the political party scene can be simplified into two main camps: the liberals (typically Democrats) and the conservatives (typically Republicans)....

[tags: Social Work] - In the past century, the scope of practice and competency of Human Services has developed and devised astronomically alongside its counterparts who include Social Work, chemical dependency research, and most importantly; Psychology.

There have been numerous of advocates, social workers, researchers, and psychologists that have contributed to the progress and functionality in this delicate but crucial field of work.

Luckily there are specific organizations which address these needs in the community, like senior care centers or shelters. Raquel Hatter, Commissioner of Tennessee, the DHS Mission Statement is; “To improve the well-being of Tennesseans who are economically disadvantaged, vulnerable or living with disabilities through a network of financial, employment, protective and rehabilitative services” (DHS, 2011).... The Basic Residential Treatment Program is offered to 16 children between the ages of 10-18.

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