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A century ago in 1900 about three hundred out of every one hundred thousand miners were killed on the job each year.Before the late nineteenth century we know little about the safety of American workplaces because contemporaries cared little about it.Where employers could show that the worker had assumed the risk, or had been injured by the actions of a fellow employee, or had himself been partly at fault, courts would usually deny liability.

As a result, only fragmentary information exists prior to the 1880s.

Pre-industrial laborers faced risks from animals and hand tools, ladders and stairs.

Among the more common methods used were whipping, prolonged restraint, and "smoking," or the prolonged imprisonment of a slave inside a sealed shed with an aromatic burning substance (usually tobacco).

The CIA distributes the KUBARK Interrogation Manual, a 128-page guide to interrogation that includes multiple references to torture techniques.

It is likely that this represents only a small fraction of authorized uses of torture in the post-9/11 era.

Over the past century such measures reveal a striking improvement in the safety of work in all the advanced countries.

An internal investigation leads to the firing of Chicago police detective Jon Burge on torture charges.

Burge has been accused of torturing over 200 inmates between 19 in order to generate confessions. report releases images and testimony pertaining to the abuse of prisoners by U. military personnel at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility in Baghdad, Iraq.

What is clear is that nowhere was the new work associated with the industrial revolution more dangerous than in America.

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