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That’s part of why it’s a younger audience who’s using it because, culturally, older people are not seen as attractive.” There are a lot of real-world experiences an app like Tinder won’t give users, Gordon added.“There’s something in face-to-face interaction that doesn’t come across in a photo,” she said.

Once an account is created, users choose their profile, add a small description of themselves and what they’re looking for.

Then they can start choosing people they’re interested in.

She’s still hopeful that she’ll find a match on Tinder that will turn into something meaningful.

If not, she’ll stop using it and explore other options.

“I end up meeting them and becoming friends instead of screwing around,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten me laid before and it probably will again in the future.” Some of the local users Shelby-Dunn encounters are what he calls “blank tiles”—people who don’t upload a profile picture and don’t reveal personal information about themselves other than weight, height and ethnicity.It was uncommon to invite a stranger over to his home so soon, as he usually likes to set up a first meeting in a public space.They both had a lot in common, though, and Shelby-Dunn thought, “I’m just going to go for it.” He leaned in for a kiss, but he didn’t like where the night went from there.“They don’t have a picture because they’re really nervous, and they’re using it to be secretive,” he said.“Part of it is because they’re not out of the closet, but the more significant part of it is that they just haven’t learned to accept themselves in their community.” The more ubiquitous Tinder, which as of last fall had an estimated 1.2 billion profiles, includes that of a single, 25-year-old restaurant server and recent Chico State graduate, who asked to remain anonymous for this story. You’re single, I’m single, let’s talk.” She joined Tinder to look for long-term, serious relationships and has been using it for dating but did admit the app has a stigma that it’s only for hooking up.Profiles consist of photos, short descriptions and physical characteristics such as height and body type.

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