Obsessive compulsive dating

one time he put the condom on the wrong way and then was convinced we could no longer use it because it was now contaminated and i would get pregnant (even though we didn't even do anything yet) and then he totally lost his erection and shut down.

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it's hard not to take this stuff personally and think it's me, or that he's losing interest, or that he isn't thinking of me etc.

and then i'm afraid we'll be having sex and any little thing will just set him off or turn him off and then it's just over for the night.

My boyfriend is one of the sweetest, nicest guys I know.

When that he is just a shy, nerdy, artsy soft hearted type, and a musician and not like most men i met.

he did eventually let me know that he suffers from OCD and his big thing is always having to check the locks on his house. Like he will not go over a certain speed limit and must always drive in one particular lane.

He uses hand sanitizer constantly especially right after we fool around.

he would never want to do it more than once in one night or in the morning even if he did get an erection.

one time i woke him up in the middle of the night to make love to him and he had an erection but didn't want to have sex.

The power of love, the ability it has to move and change us, is truly astounding. You can actually his heartbreak and even get a glimpse as to what living with OCD feels like thanks to his powerful words and performance, from his joy to meeting someone who not only accepts his mental illness but also appreciates it to the moment the same thing she loved became overwhelming.

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