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San Diego County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved new rules Wednesday that will promote beekeeping and local agriculture while protecting the public.Supervisors approved a new “tiered” beekeeping ordinance that will allow beekeeping hobbyists and businesses to keep bees and hives closer to roads, property lines and homes in unincorporated areas — but still far enough away to keep people safe. As if Bethenny can’t decide to lay off Luann once she starts mocking her. Next week: Carole introduces Tinsley to her new boyfriend Scott Kluth.

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County supervisors wanted to find ways to promote beekeeping, economic development and protect both bees and the public.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob, who brought the issue to the board in 2013, said Wednesday, “I would urge all the beekeepers — the current ones and future ones — to go make that honey!

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My inbox is just an endless scrolling of things that need my attention today, I still haven’t made it all the way through them. Ramona is having a party to show off her newly renovated apartment. Carole is thrilled because she “lives in a small apartment.” It is certainly not small by NYC standards. No one likes the cameras more than Bethenny and Fredrik. I still think this is an amazing moment in herstory and I am glad they are showing it. So when she tells Sonja her hair looks great, I mean. Nothing says I don’t like you like giving someone a scented candle. Much has been made, and by much I mean an article in People solely about this conversation between Tom and Missy. I don’t see how this is the negative thing that story made it out to be. I think anyone getting married at 50 would say it would be a change they are getting used to. Bethenny gives Tinsley some harsh advice about living with Sonja. Fredrik insists that Bethenny demolish the ,000 bar in Bethenny’s living room. Sonja is pissed that Ramona didn’t tell her she invited Harry. Ramona still defends her behavior toward Bethenny to Carole. I’m good with Bethenny not filming with her, I don’t think Dorinda should film with her, and I sure don’t think Luann needs to film with her. So when Missy walks in, Tom is in an awkward situation. Can’t she have a little bit of happiness now without the pack of hyenas continuing to feed? But Sonja has to knock Carole’s toast for some mean-spirited bullshit. She basically says we all dragged her during her engagement and now she is married. Carole makes a trite toast to friendship and everyone joins in the toast in an effort at peaceful resolution.It’s the perfect time for Carole to tell Dorinda that Jason was arrested for “stalking.” Here is the latest on that ongoing saga of ridiculousness.

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