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From traveling to craft fairs to trading work for a camping space or income, you have options.

One excellent source of employment while traveling is When your home is on wheels, you may not feel the need for alternate transportation.

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You must consider your present home, your income or need for employment, your alternate transportation, and what the future may hold for you living life on the road. You could rent out your home temporarily while you try life in an RV.

Do choose a professional service; dealing with tenant issues yourself can ruin your adventure.

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Remember you need a home base, somewhere permanent to receive mail and file state or federal taxes.

If you have grown children, you can use a child’s permanent address.

Even if you are receiving social security, you may need to work.

You need to cover expenses such as RV maintenance, camp sites, food, medical and entertainment.

You can find car insurance online and make payments online to ensure you are always covered. Remember to consider how long you can stay in any one site.

Prepare for life on the road before you actually hit the road. If not, you will need to stop in towns while you travel. One or two may travel well but consider your available space and their exercise needs. Seniors should consider obtaining an America the Beautiful pass for discounted camping and free admission to some state parks. What happens when your RV needs repair or a medical problem prevents you from traveling?

Should you consider a wireless Internet subscription? Maintain a savings account that will allow you to live comfortably for one year without your RV.

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