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Implementing an IT service catalog become increasingly important as companies seek to achieve greater visibility in IT services and provide excellent support to their customers, both external and internal.

Here, we've compiled a list of IT service catalog templates and examples from around the Web.

SOURCE: Information Technology Services, University of California Santa Cruz OFFERING: The university's online service catalog lists the IT services it offers.

It's a great example of how to craft one at your organization.

An IT service catalog contains information about the deliverables, prices and processes related to technology offerings within a particular organization.

Sometimes referred to as an IT service portfolio, an IT service catalog typically offers two views: a customer-facing view that provides a list of the technology services a company offers, and a technical view that explains what is required behind the scenes to deliver the services.Use it anywhere you write like email, websites, and Google Drive.It works just like Apple’s stock keyboard, but the prediction is much better and it supports Topic Dictionaries and data collection. See it for yourself in this quick video (2 minutes) Customize Co: Writer to meet your specific needs.Co: Writer Universal includes a keyboard for your i Pads (i Touch and i Phones too)!Use it anywhere you write like email, websites, and Google Drive. Co: Writer word prediction and speech recognition now go hand-in-hand to cover the widest range of student needs.Whether on i Pad, i Phone, Chromebook, or desktop, your students will have access to their favorite writing tool!

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