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Enjoy your virtual beer or whisky at Belushi\'s in Edinburgh, Scotland.Several SD1 2000cc arrived in New Zealand for selling in the 2nd. The nose of the P6 had to be lenghtened in order to accomodate the longer engine but the car was apparently very fast (140 mph). They are however very cheap, and I have heard of people converting them to V8, which is apparently not too difficult.

Just know your products are throughly tested, over and over and over again. Among other things, it is where the famous catalogue is created. It is in the original Ikea store, which opened in 1958 and closed in 2012. I already had one at home, but this one was in Swedish.

I was fortunate enough to get an up close and personal look at that amazing process too. It is there you will learn that the Ikea story begins in 1943 when it was founded by Ingvar Kamprad.

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A lovely train ride from Copenhagen, through beautiful countryside, will get you there.

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Times were tough and people had to make do with very little. It was very clean and very comfortable and felt a bit like a dorm room.

One display in the Ikea Museum makes mention of that time, noting “The stony soil forced people to find other ways to support themselves.” Kamprad did just that, selling matches when he was only six years old.

And to understand Kamprad, and where he came from, is to understand Ikea. The lobby, dining room and main floor area were beautiful and I felt like I was in an Ikea showroom. But I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed with the room itself.

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