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In 1992, Hatcher tried out for the role of Jamie Buchman on Mad About You and made it to the final two choices, but lost the part to Helen Hunt.At the height of the show's popularity in 1995, a picture of Hatcher wrapped in a Superman cape was reportedly the most downloaded image on the Internet averaging 20,000 downloads each month for a six-month period.

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In 1988, she made a guest appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Lt. In 1989, she guest-starred in an episode of Quantum Leap titled "Star Crossed".

Hatcher's next TV series role, in 1991, was in the Norman Lear creation Sunday Dinner.

She portrayed a 30-year-old lawyer in a relationship with a widowed businessman twice her age, played by Robert Loggia.

The series had a brief run on CBS that summer but was not renewed.

They remain close friends and together have bought farmland on the outskirts of Los Angeles, with the intent of eventually raising endangered species. She beat out four other actresses for one of the lead roles on ABC's Desperate Housewives, In 2005, Hatcher won the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award in the same category.

In July 2005, she was nominated for an Emmy award as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, along with costars Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman.

“I want to have sex but I'm not going to be specific with who! “After you got the phone call from him and he said it was tough for me to do the paparazzi, I assume that is what he meant,” Nancy said.

“OK, this is the part where I don't talk about my private life,” Teri laughed. “I wouldn't accuse anybody of anything,” Teri said. I have no idea how those pictures were taken.” Ryan claimed he had nothing to do with the photographs but just an hour after the date ended, Ryan called Teri and told her it's over. When you go on a third date with somebody, you don't have to qualify why you want to date them or not date them ever again. Whatever.” “Why do you have such a hard time getting a date or somebody that is good? ” “I think really the reason I've had the luck that I've had was so I could write chapter eight of my book!

Stone died of colon cancer on August 19, 2008, having served six years of his sentence.

In 1987, she played the daughter of Patty Duke's lead character in the short-lived Fox comedy Karen's Song.

Hatcher was three months pregnant at the filming's start, by her then husband, Jon Tenney.

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