Tv program dating plus size women

And the women taking part have his full support, even though they're not allowed to say anything during the program.

Controversy all across Europe and also because the program was commissioned by Denmark's public broadcaster, according to the show's creators, rumours of misogyny have been greatly exaggerated by the international media.

We sent Amos Roberts to see if there really was something sexist afoot in the state of Denmark and a warning - as you would expect - his story contains full frontal nudity.

THOMAS BLACHMAN (Translation): Are you still trying to act cheerful? NINA PFENNING (Translation): He also has this very feminine side to him. WOMAN (Translation): Even men think that a limp dick isn't beautiful, but you are beautiful. These 18 and 19-year-olds are being photographed for the new edition of a Danish feminist classic - 'Woman - Know Your Body'.

They were quite open to the idea behind the Blachman show.

Sexist rubbish that's nothing more than soft porn, or a thoughtful celebration of women?

That's the huge controversy surrounding a Danish TV show, where a naked woman has her body assessed by two fully clothed men.

GIRL: Actually, I think I found it interesting to hear what men could say about a woman's body, but I think the program is more about Blachman talking.

REPORTER: What is it about Denmark that means that a program like this exists?

CHRISTINE DREYER ALEXANDERSEN, CO-EDITOR "œWOMAN, KNOW YOUR BODY": Yeah, I just thought that it might show how different women's bodies can be.

REPORTER: Did it bother you that the program is about two men looking at a woman's body?

REPORTER: Amos Roberts Gentlemen of Denmark, Thomas Blachman would like your attention. Over six consecutive Tuesday evenings in April and May, Blachman addressed his countrymen about a personal crisis. Until now, Danes knew Thomas Blachman as an award-winning jazz musician and as the 'X-Factor' judge that audiences loved or hated.

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