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The easiest way to obtain HPE patches is by downloading them from their online repository. Progress can be monitored in the Recent Tasks pane. We will select Fixed since we are only upgrading this driver once. By checking the HPE software repository, we could determine the 2.6.2-2 release includes the required hp-ilo driver (650.10.0.2).

To do so, navigate to Update Manager from the v Center Server Web Client. Click the Manage tab, Download Settings under the Settings tab. Next, we will add the pertinent patches to a Baseline. If you don’t want to go through that trouble, the HPE Advisory also states the Release Date.

The icon for the Update Manager will be displayed on the v Sphere Client home page under “Solutions and Applications”. From the “Update Manager” screen, click on the “Baselines and Groups” tab. To exclude a patch select the patch and click on the down arrow button. On the “Additional Patches” screen keep the defaults and Click “Next.” 9.

On the “Update Manager” splash screen click “Next.” d. The status for the Update Manager extension should be displayed as “Enabled.” h. On the “Patches to Exclude” screen you can exclude patches that you know have issues or patches you don’t require.

Issue Background – HPE Advisory regarding Proliant servers deployed using the hpe-ilo driver version

VMware ESXi 6.5 host fails with a Purple Screen Diagnostic, indicating that CPU XX / World XXXXXX tried to re-acquire a lock.

In the “New Baseline” window, provide a suitable name for the baseline in the Name area and ensure that the “Host Patch” radio button is selected, then click “Next.” 5.

In the “Options” screen, you have the ability to schedule this upgrade and name the task.

We will proceed by choosing the “Immediate” option. This screen advises that the ESXi host needs to be in maintenance mode before applying patch. In the “Cluster Remediation Options” screen, make sure that the “DPM” and “High Availability admission control” check boxes are checked and click “Next.” 13.

At this step, we can review the options selected and click “Finish” to begin host patching. During the patching process the host needs to reboot’ in the v Center , the host will report “Not Responding.” After the successful reboot, the ESXi host will connect automatically. Similar to ESXi host, the next step is to “Remediate” to apply the patches to the virtual machine.

Resolved by upgrading the hpe-ilo driver to version 650.10.0.2 or later.

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