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You can file for a "divorce from bed and board," which is a legal form of separation in Virginia.Despite the word "divorce," your marriage doesn't end. However, the court will enter a judgment after a trial, issuing an order to address things like custody, property division and support.The greatest difference is that with a judgment of separation -- as opposed to divorce -- neither you nor your spouse are free to marry again.

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Unlike in some other states, it's not imperative that your Virginia separation agreement address every single issue of how you and your spouse are going to resolve your marriage.

However, you'll have to reach an agreement on all issues eventually, in order to become divorced, or the court will decide the issues for you.

Legal separation is one of those terms that can mean different things, depending on where you live.

Some states don't recognize it at all – including North Carolina.

Nebraska is one of these states and the procedure is virtually identical to filing for divorce.

At the end of the litigation, the court will issue an order for the division of marital property, custody and support.

At least one of you should have a firm conviction that the marriage is ending.

If you begin your separation then reconcile for a short period of time, your separation period begins all over again.

The Annotated Code of Maryland governs divorces in each of the state's counties, so Baltimore isn't unique from other locations.

The Circuit Court in Baltimore City accepts divorce filings, and you can file there if either you or your spouse resides, owns a business or is employed in the city.

Separation is Virginia's version of a no-fault divorce, but the state is not very strict about its requirements.

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